1863 Egyptian cover is to be a real hit during the next auction at Spink

December 9th, 2015

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to inform our readers about the latest stamp auction news. An 1863 Egyptian Post Office cover will lead the collector's series sale at Spink. It is expected to sell for US$27,000.

It displays six 1855 Sardinian 20c stamps, along with an 1855 40c and an 1858 80c. All display strong margins and excellent color.

The cover was sent to Italy from Alexandria in Egypt.

The cover was sent to an address in Italy and features various date stamps from European and Egyptian post offices. Spink explains the lot features "a unique franking, being the highest known on cover of this early issue used in Egypt, with its desirability being augmented by the fact of representing the earliest recorded date of use of the highest denomination, the 80c., as well as of the 10c.

"[It is] the most significant cover of the Italian post office; it must be considered as one of the most celebrated covers of Egyptian postal-history".

The lot is valued at $26,986 ahead of the December 16 sale. A set of Brazilian 1845 90r and 30r multiples, tied to an 1856 legal document, is valued at $33,068. It consists of a block of six 90r (the rare IIa variety), a block of four 90r (type II) and a pair of 30r stamps.

It's the largest known franking of the IIa 90r, which are believed to have been produced on a different plate to the type I and type II variations.

Sourced by paulfrasercollectibles.com