Unique Cypriot popular crafts. Two new stamps released by Cyprus Post

April 22nd, 2016

As far back as ancient times the island of Cyprus has been famous for its handicrafts, from lacework and embroidery to basketry and blue-eyed beads.

To underline the beauty of these crafts Cyprus Post has prepared two special stamps that FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to introduce to our readers' attention.

The stamps from this series feature two different examples of traditional Cypriot popular crafts, a continuation of the series circulated last year.

The €0,41 cent stamp depicts the art of basket weaving, the making of baskets and other everyday objects, using the raw materials from Cyprus' bountiful countryside, such as reeds, terebinth branches, stems from aquatic plants and so on.

The €0,64 cent stamp represents the craft of wood carving, carried out by local craftsmen, sculptors of wood, who created decorated items and furniture, such as chests or trunks for storing linen, ceiling beams, long wooden shelves, furniture and church furnishings such as icon and sanctuary screens, sanctuary doors, pulpits, often adorned with floral motifs, simple representations of animals or birds and geometric patterns.

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