April 16th, 2017

MOST POPULAR STAMPS 2016 by our readers’ opinion

The team of FindYourStampsValue.com is excited to present to philatelists and stamp collectors from around the world our annual rating of most popular stamps by the users’ opinion. This is our fourth ranking that will describe the most original and exquisite stamps that have received the greatest number of your views, likes and shares on our website.

By the way, you can get acquainted with our previous rankings by following the links below:

So, let’s begin our exciting journey into the world of philately and determine the most worthy stamps that have been chosen according to your preferences and favors.

Main stamp of the year 2016

Slovenia lacemaking as the greatest form of art

Let’s begin our ranking from the best stamp of the year 2016. The philatelic item that was honored with this title was issued by Slovenia Post. The theme of this bright issue is lacemaking – one of the greatest and the oldest forms of art that is admired by millions of people worldwide. Slovenia has a rich lacemaking history dating back to the seventeenth century and nowadays this form of art is considered to be one of the most widespread crafts in the country.

Main stamp of the year 2016: Slovenia lacemaking as the greatest form of art

An exquisite stamp issued by Slovenia Post shows half a piece of lace, but by putting two stamps together the complete design is revealed. This is so called tête-bêche (head-to-tail) technique that has been used by Slovenia Post for the first time, and as a matter of fact quiet successfully, as this item has appealed to many collectors and got the considerable number of views, likes and shares.

The winning stamp was created by a talented Slovenian designer Matjaž Učakar who has introduced to collectors’ attention a great many of original philatelic items. By the way, “Traditional Slovenian breakfast” stamp created by Matjaž Učakar gained the title of “Most viewed stamp 2015”. Check other items created by this brilliant designer and you will definitely find other interesting stamps to add to your collection!

The second place

New Zealand magical “Glow Worms” stamps

The second place according to the number of our readers’ views has gone to a set of New Zealand Post stamps depicting the mysterious and even magical creatures – glow worms. Found only in Australia and New Zealand, glow worms are one of the country’s greatest spectacles.

The second place: New Zealand magical “Glow Worms” stamps

To underline the uniqueness of its fauna New Zealand Post presented a souvenir sheet and a special self-adhesive stamp that have grabbed the attention of our readers. These visually striking and original philatelic items have an exciting twist – they glow in the dark like the insects the stamps depict.

New Zealand magical “Glow Worms” stamps

By the way there are other interesting stamps that possess such an attracting glowing-in-the-dark effect.

Here are some of the brightest examples of such philatelic items that are definitely worth your attention:

These stamps captured attention of the philatelists due to this unique effect that add some special flavor to the philatelic items. We are convinced that these stamps will adorn your collections and take the rightful place there.

Two striking “nude” stamp issues shares the third place

The third place of our ranking is shared by two extremely beautiful and even provoking stamp issues: “125 years of the Kunsthistorisches Museum” stamp by Austria Post and “Nude supermodel Doutzen Kroes” stamps by PostNL!

Both of these philatelic releases are dedicated to one of the most controversial and at the same time popular themes in any kind of art, and philately is not an exception. It is nudity! By the way, the issue of nudity in postal art has been already discussed in a special article, in which our website got the readers acquainted with some of the most famous and interesting examples of erotic pictures depicted on stamps.

So, let’s see the first winning issue over. This bright item introduced by Austria Post celebrates the 125 years of the Kunsthistorisches Museum with a unique and priceless artwork: Gustav Klimt’s Egyptian connection, from a Fresco he completed at the museum’s north staircase.

The third place: 125 years of the Kunsthistorisches Museum stamp by Austria Post

The background of the mosaic is adorned with unmistakable Egyptian symbols: the eye of Horus, the Pharoah-like falcon, a beautiful naked Egyptian woman holding an Ankh. The originality of this stamp amazes a real art and philately connoisseurs.

The second stamp issue that has gone to the third place and gained a great number of views was introduced by PostNL. It is also dedicated to the theme “Nudity in stamps”. These are ten extremely pretty and seductive stamps depicting supermodel Doutzen Kroes.

The third place: Supermodel Doutzen Kroes stamps by PostNL

They’re not your usual boring stamps showing bucolic scenes or national landmarks. Instead, PostNL rolled out a collection with supermodel Doutzen Kroes in a series of poses. The pictures on the stamps are attractive, and full of emotion that is why the issue has become a real hit among stamp collectors and the judges of fine art of photography.

So, these were the four most popular stamps that have been chosen according to the number of your views, likes and shares. The winning entries are notable for their thoroughly creative and exquisite designs that are definitely worth receiving their titles and your appreciation. Keep an eye on the stamp releases of the year 2017 on our website and vote for the ones that you like most. Who knows? May be your favorite items will enter our next year ranking!

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