Get prepared for Christmas with Åland Post. Two bright festive philatelic items introduced to collectors attention

October 9th, 2016

Åland Post is one of the first Post Offices that has already its Christmas stamps and introduced them to collectors' attention. 10 October sees the issue of these two bright philatelic items. Designed by Swedish illustrator Maja Lindberg, the stamps show charming Christmas elves preparing for the season. encourages our readers to be one of those lucky ones who will add these original items to their collections!

This year, Swedish artist Maja Lindberg makes her debut as stamp artist for Åland Post. She has also illustrated this year's Christmas seals that complement the two Christmas stamps. Maja pondered for some time before she thought of a suitable theme but, having decided on the Christmas elves, it didn't take her long to create the motifs.

"I wanted to create a sense of Christmas in my illustrations; a wintry scenery under a starry bright sky and tiny Christmas elves preparing for Christmas".

Christmas greetings from Åland to destinations in Finland and Sweden during a limited period prior to Christmas. The value of the NVI stamp "Världen" is the equivalent of the postage for priority mail up to 20 gram from Åland to the rest of the world. The Christmas stamps may, of course, be used all the year according to the current postage tariffs. When the tariffs increase, so does the denominational value of these NVI stamps.