100th birth anniversary of Arkadi Kuleshov, national poet of Belarus stamp

February 11th, 2014

The post of the Republic of Belarus issued a stamp commemorating the 100th birth anniversary of Arkadi Kuleshov, national poet of Belarus.

Arkadi Kuleshov (born 6.02.1914 in the village of Samotevichi, Kostyukovichi district, Mogilev region — died 4.02.1978) was a Belarusian poet and translator. In 1968 he got the title of the national poet of Belarus. He was also the honored worker of culture of Ukraine (1973). His first collections of verses and poems were named "The flourishing land" (1930) and "After the song, after the sun!" (1932). Arkadi Kuleshov was the author of the following poems: "Adventures of the dulcimer" (1944), "Tsunami" (1968), "Hamutius" (1975) and others. He was awarded the USSR State Prize for his poems "The brigade flag" (1943) in 1946 and "A new direction" (1948) in 1949.