13th Istanbul Biennial celebrated on a new Turkish stamp

September 17th, 2013

Turkish post issued a stamp to celebrate the 13th Istanbul Biennial, titled "Mom, am I Barbarian?" curated by Fulya Erdemci and opened on Saturday, 14 September.

The notion of the public domain as a political forum is the focal point of the 13th Istanbul Biennial. This highly contested concept will serve as a matrix to generate ideas and develop practices that question contemporary forms of democracy, challenge current models of spatio-economic politics, problematize the given concepts of civilization and barbarity as standardized positions and languages and, above all, unfold the role of contemporary art as an agent that both makes and unmakes what is considered public.

The title of the Istanbul Biennial "Mom, am I Barbarian?" is a quote from the Turkish poet Lale Muldur's book of the same title.


Tags: #Turkey