170th anniversary of Latvian Museum of Natural History celebrated with a new issue

February 19th, 2015

According to info received by FindYourStampsValue.com Latvijas Pasts releases first stamp in new series dedicated to 170th anniversary of founding of Latvian Museum of Natural History. The stamp series Placoderm Fish is to be released on the 20th of February and is now available for purchasing.

A special presentation event in honor of the first stamp in the new series will see the participation of representatives of Latvijas Pasts and Latvian Museum of Natural History; besides, visitors will have an opportunity to view the exhibit depicted on the stamp – the placoderm fish – accompanied by a museum specialist.

A speech during the special presentation of the stamp at the Museum is to be delivered by Latvijas Pasts Chairman of the Board Arnis Salnājs and Latvian Museum of Natural History Director Skaidrīte Ruskule. At the end of the presentation, anyone interested will have the opportunity to listen to a short story about the placoderm fish and also have a look at this fish and other exhibits of the paleontology collection in the Museum's exhibition.

The stamp depicts the fossils of the approximately 384 million years old placoderm fish in the genus Asterolepis ornata. The fossils of this fish species are the most commonly found petrified fish remains from the Devonian Period in Latvia – they have mainly been preserved as small fragments of bone plates. However, thanks to the unique discoveries of unbroken fossils in the early 1970s and more recent findings, this species is considered to be the best studied placoderm fish in Latvia.

Latvian paleoichthyology research has a long history – the placoderm fish species depicted on the stamp was studied by Eduards Eihvalds (1795–1876), Jelgava-born naturalist and paleontologist who also gave the fish its scientific name in 1840. The Latvian Museum of Natural History stores and collects evidence on the natural history of Latvian territory and its diversity today, as well as continues the tradition of research in natural sciences.

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