175th Birthday of Josef Gabriel Rheinberger stamp from Liechtenstein

March 12th, 2014

The composer and teacher Josef Gabriel Rheinberger, born in Vaduz in 1839, is one of those composers of the second half of the 19th century who, after being forgotten for years, have increasingly regained attention among music practitioners and researchers.

Philately Liechtenstein is marking his 175th birthday with a commemorative designed by the Liechtenstein graphic artist Cornelia Eberle. "Portrait" (face value CHF 1.40) depicts a likeness of Rheinberger framed by manuscript music and jottings by the composer.

Even as a seven-year-old Josef Gabriel Rheinberger was already active as an organist in his home city and at twelve he was admitted to train at the Munich Conservatory.

When he was 19 the Conservatory offered him a post as lecturer in piano – and later in organ and composition – which he held until shortly before his death. His wide-ranging compositions include piano and organ music, sacred and secular choral music, solo songs, chamber music, symphonies, concert overtures, theatre music and operas.

Among his many pupils at the Munich Conservatory were Engelbert Humperdinck, Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari and Wilhelm Furtwangler together with a whole generation of young American composers. Rheinberger died in Munich on 25th November 1901.

With this stamp issue Philately Liechtenstein is once more building a bridge between the traditional craft of stamp production and the digital world of today. When the observer scans the stamp using a special app, there appears on his smartphone or tablet a video illustrating the most important stages in Rheinberger's life. To be able to provide customers with this additional information Philately Liechtenstein makes use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. It is intended to make regular use of this for new issues from now on. The stamps concerned will be identified by the annotation "AR" at the bottom edge. The free app needed for AR is available for Apple and Android devices.