1854 4 annas pair to auction in Singapore stamp sale. Latest auction news to your attention

August 8th, 2016

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This piece of information tells about a pair of 1854 4 annas that will lead a September 10 auction of Indian stamps held by Spink in Singapore.

The issue was the first British Empire stamp to incorporate two colours and is considered a classic rarity among philatelists. The first general issue of stamps for British India appeared in 1854. These were ½ anna blue, 1 anna red and 4 annas blue and red, printed from lithographic stones at the office of the Surveyor-General, in Calcutta.

As the 4 annas was in two colours it required two printings from separate lithographic stones, one for the head of Queen Victoria in blue, and one for the frame in red.

The 1854 4 annas stamp is a classic Indian rarity

Multiples are extremely scarce and fetch a premium. This example is from the fourth printing and is expected to make around US$14,937-18,671. The first printing famously includes an invert error, with Queen Victoria's head appearing upside down.

One of these sold for £105,390 (US$139,884) in 2010, a figure that remains the record for the issue.

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