2 Stamps dedicated Gorgeous Horses of Kyrgyzstan… The continuation of “Fauna” philatelic series is now available

January 4th, 2016

In 2014 KEP issued an interesting series of postage stamps, dedicated to the fauna of Kyrgyzstan. Collectors around the world noted the artistry of the stamps.

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to inform that Kyrgyz Post issued as the continuation of this theme a special souvenir sheet, dedicated to gorgeous horses.

Horses are the only surviving genus of the Equidae family and belong to the order Perissodactyla. In practically all the countries of the world, the most frequently encountered subspecies of horse is Equus caballus, of various breeds.

Horses are indigenous to Central Asia. In this region, approximately five and a half thousand years ago, horses where domesticated by man for the first time.

The history of the Kyrgyz people is tightly connected with this precious animal. Horses where always an irreplaceable help domestically and a reliable comrade in battles against enemies. A devoted horse used to be a symbol of honour, victory and good luck. Kyrgyz people have always treated horses like humans. Horses feature in a great number of folk songs, myths, legends and tales. Horses are often depicted in poetry, painting, sculpture and cinema. Kyrgyz people say that "A horse is man's wings", supporting and developing, through the centuries, their special poetical and emotional treatment of horses.

The souvenir sheet, comprising two stamps, is a creative work of Vladimir Melnic, the same artist who created the first issue ‒ "Fauna of Kyrgyzstan". This souvenir sheet is likely to be of great interest, in terms of its aesthetic value, and in terms of the social and cultural value of its topic.

Fauna of Kyrgyzstan: Horses First Day Cover