20th Anniversary of the Macao-European Union Agreement for Trade and Cooperation stamps

December 23rd, 2013

Official relations between the European Union and Macao are structured based on the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, signed between the two parties in Brussels on December 15, 1992 and entered into force from January 1, 1993. This agreement promotes mutual cooperation in various fields, including economy and trade, science and technology, academic and professional training.

The Luso-Chinese Joint Liaison Group confirmed the continuity of this agreement after the return of Macao to China in 1999, during the transition period. The agreement established a joint committee with representatives from Macao and the EU, which meets once a year, alternating between Macao and Brussels.

The Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) has maintained since its creation, good economic and trade relations with the European Union (EU). As testimony to this good relationship, the Chief Executive of Macao SAR visited Brussels and reciprocally received in Macao senior EU officials. Similarly, the principal holders of public office in the SAR and high officials of EU member states responsible for member states of the European Union are meeting regularly, in Macao and in several European capitals, particularly in Germany, Belgium, France and Portugal.

In turn, the Office of Economic and Commercial Representation of Macao, Brussels, plays an important role in ensuring a regular dialogue between the EU and Macao in the areas of responsibility of the Macao SAR, including economic and trade cooperation.

Under the agreement, Macao and the European Union have successfully developed several joint projects, including training in legal and translation, in promoting European studies, in the tourism training, facilitation of commercial information, and in students and teachers exchange.

Since April 1, 2001, the Macao SAR passport holders have visa free access to member states of the European Union.

Upon the celebration of this 20th Anniversary of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between Macao and the European Union, a set of stamps is issued as a memory.



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