250th Anniversary of San Carlos stamp from Uruguay

July 9th, 2013

Correo Uruguayo issued a stamp to commemorate the 150th anniversary of foundation of San Carlos. The town was founded in 1763 by the Governor Don Pedro de Cevallos as part of his colonization campaign. First the town was called Maldonado Chico, but finally it took its official name as a tribute to King Charles III of Bourbon.

San Carlos was the first town which interior configured a bastion of defense of the region.  The vast area was divided on zones locating squares, streets, common pastures, farms. The plan of San Carlos comprised 90 blocks of hundred yards each separated by twelve streets and surrounded by four avenues.

The agricultural industry flourished in the town from early times, which turned it into a major supplier of the east and south. San Carlos has the distinction of being the only city to resist the siege of the British army during the invasions of 1806. The town is also famous for having the oldest colonial church in the country, San Carlos Borromeo Church, maintained in town's original plan, with its interesting architecture including porcelain tableware and ornament encrusted towers.

The stamp illustrates the watercolour of Daniel Arteta, native of San Carlos. On the painting the town has preserved its colonial style with no buildings exceeding three floors.

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