375th Anniversary of regular postal services in Estonia commemorated on stamp

November 21st, 2013

Eesti post issued a stamp to commemorate the 375th anniversary of regular postal services of Estonia.

375 years will pass this year from the introduction of regular postal services in Estonia as well as 95 years since the establishment of a national postal service. The word "post", was apparently mentioned for the first time in Livonia in 1557. Letters are a very old way of communication but carriage of letters was initially sporadic. When the Swedish state extended to Estonia, Livonia and Ingria the need arose for faster delivery of messages, but there was no state postal organization. On the basis of an order issued by Queen Christina a regulated postal service was introduced in Sweden in 1636 and from 1638 it also embraced the overseas territories of the country. The postal service is one of the oldest state institutions which functions until today. The postal service is closely connected with our daily life and work. Communication has been of great importance in the government of countries, in the organization of warfare and of economic activity and communication between people.

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