400th anniversary of Voskan Yerevantsi was commemorated by new stamp issue

September 29th, 2014

FindYourStampsValue.com has received the information that Armenian Post issued a stamp to celebrate - the 400th anniversary of Voskan Yerevantsi. The souvenir sheet contains the portrait of the first Armenian book publishers and one of his works. The stamp was released and put into circulation on the 26th of September.

Voskan Yerevantsi, born in Yerevan city in Armenia, was one of the first Armenian book publishers during the years 1640-1666. He published the Bible in Amsterdam in the years 1666-68, which is believed to be one of the best samples of old Armenian printing.

The Bible by Voskan Yerevantsi, a volume of unique value, was printed in 1666 in Amsterdam. The volume is of particular cultural and historical importance: Voskan Yerevantsi had presented it to Catholicos Hakob Jughayetsi, one of the most active proponents of the development of Armenian typography. In 1668 the Bible was decorated with a silver cover, a unique example of the Armenian iconographic arts.

The printing of the Bible and other prayer books changed how Armenian faith and culture were communicated. It created a living relation between the faithful and the liturgical life of the church. It also greatly impacted and renewed the spiritual life of the people.