40th Anniversary of Gabrijel Jurkić's death

February 22nd, 2014

Gabrijel Jurkić's life, his commitment to art and creative spirit is impossible to present in a couple of words. His work outlived his time; it breathed and carried out poetry of celebrating the beautiful and miraculous. By celebrating the 40th anniversary of Gabrijel Jurkić's death, Croatian Post Mostar has issued a commemorative postal stamp with a peculiar work under the name "Snowy idyll" from 1920 from the cycle "Winter", which without a doubt puts him amongst prominent representatives of the modern.

Gabrijel Jurkić was born on March 24th 1886, in Livno where he finished primary and commerce school. After that, he leaves for Sarajevo where he attends a Technical high school which he does not finish wanting to dedicate himself to painting. From 1906, he is a student of the Painting school of Bela Čikoš Sesija and Menci Clement Crnčić, and already by 1907, with the support of Napredak, he enrolls at the Temporary Academy of Arts and arts crafts in Zagreb. In the year 1908, he enrolls to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna where he is admitted into the IV. age of the painting section, and in the special school of Kazimir Pochwalski from 1909 until 1911 learns of the segment "Study of the art of Bosnian history".

Following his Vienna studies, he returns to Sarajevo where he lives up to 1956 when with his wife Štefa moves to the Franciscan monastery Gorica in Livno where he stays up until his death on May 25th 1974. Because of his poor eyesight, he stopped painting around 1966, and in 1970 he was awarded with the Golden plaquette of the Association of Artists BiH as one of the five doyens of B&H artistry. As a token of his appreciation to the Franciscan monastery Gorica in Livno he left a part of his artistic opus: around 200 paintings and around 6.000 drawings, sketches and croquis drawings. The Franciscans have justified his trust and saved his fruitful artworks and presented a part of them in the Franciscan museum and in the Gallery Gorica Livno.

The Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar has issued a commemorative postage stamp in a sheet of 4 stamps, postmark and First day cover (FDC).

40th Anniversary of Gabrijel Jurkić's death - First day cover

Date of issue: 25. 2. 2014