60 Years of Indonesia-Mexico Diplomatic Relations joint stamp issue

April 9th, 2013

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Indonesia-Mexico diplomatic relations, the post offices of the both countries issued joint stamps illustrating the animals being symbols of both countries – Mexican Jaguar (Mexico) and Clouded Leopard (Indonesia).

The relations between Indonesia and Mexico can be traced from the idea of Dr. Josue de Benito Juarez which points out the need to establish an Indonesia-Mexico trade relation in 1952. This idea was materialized through the signing of a Joint Declaration on the establishment of the two countries diplomatic relations in Washington DC on 6 April 1953. Since then, diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Mexico has shown a steady development.

In the celebration of 60th anniversary of Indonesia-Mexico bilateral relation in 2013, the two countries are planning to hold a series of activities in Jakarta and Mexico City, including seminars, art and cultural festival, and photo exhibition commemorating the diplomatic relations.