70 Years from Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Republic of Cuba and Republic of Serbia

May 18th, 2013

The year 2013. represents a significant jubilee for the Republic of Cuba and the Republic of Serbia, because it marks the 70th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between those two countries.

By a royal decree of 31st August 1943, the government of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in exile in London, has decided to close its consulate in Havana and instead to open a mission. From this point, the only one historically documented, relations between Serbia and Cuba were developing through the history of both countries, until nowadays, when the Serbian and the Cuban nations further deepen their friendly relations.

A brief review of this seventy years period since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Cuba testifies about the solid grounds on which are based the relations between two countries, strengthened through a common history of struggle and sacrifice, based on a deep sense of friendship, solidarity and mutual sympathy between the two nations, with the will to continue the friendship, despite the challenges posed by the world in which we live.

Strong ties between the two countries exemplify the relations based on friendship and mutual respect. The support of the Yugoslav people at the beginning of the Cuban Revolution has helped the island during this difficult period to face political and military aggression  and brutal blockade imposed at the time by the United States of America. Cuba for its part, has supported the right to territorial integrity of Serbia, referring to the Charter of the United Nations and respect of international law.

Nowadays, Serbia and Cuba are working on a more intensive and comprehensive utilization of the enormous potential that exists in both countries, at a time when relations between Belgrade and Havana are very good and when they receive a new zest, which is reflected in the reviving of the political dialogue at the highest level, in a yet modest economic and trade exchange, in mutual visits of delegations and organizing official meetings which are crowned with a meeting between the two countries’ Presidents, Tomislav Nikolic and Raul Castro, on 26th January 2013, in the city of Santiago de Chile, during the EU and CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) Summit.

Artistic realization of the stamp: Jaksa Vlahovic, academic graphic artist.