October 4th, 2017

A brave war correspondent Kate Webb honored by Australia Post. A special stamp was unveiled

FindYourStampsValue.com is excited to introduce to your attention a special stamp by Australian Post that honors one of the bravest women in the world – a war correspondent Kate Webb.

Being a witness of many historical events, this great personality was one of the most remarkable women in her trade. So, she is definitely deserves to be commemorated with a stamp.

Kate Webb is featured on one of five new stamps unveiled Wednesday to mark Remembrance Day on Nov. 11. However, the postage stamp issued in her honor shows not only Kate Webb, but also a Red Cross worker, Rosemary Griggs. These two women served in Vietnam and played an important role during Vietnam War.

“This stamp issue, the fourth in a series commemorating a century since World War I, acknowledges the important roles women have played in war and conflict,” said Australia Post Philatelic Manager, Michael Zsolt.
Kate Webb’s life was full of extraordinary events and surprises. For example, she was reported to be killed during the war after she was ambushed and taken prisoner by North Vietnamese troops in Cambodia. The newspapers claimed her to be dead and the body of another woman was identified as hers. Webb’s family even held a memorial service in her honor. And a little bit earlier a miracle happened and she rose from the dead. Webb and the other captives were freed.

This postage stamp underlines the important role of women in Australian history and their involvement in conflict zones. By the Vietnam War, they held many roles, including as members of civilian medical teams, Red Cross support, entertainers, and journalists. Today, women are employed throughout the armed forces.

World War I, World War II, the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Australia’s role in peacekeeping operations also feature in the stamp series. By the way Australia Post has already issued some war correspondent stamps with the design and history of which you can get acquainted on our website.

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