A joyful interpretation of the Biblical story appeared on a festive stamp issue by Australia Post

November 3rd, 2015

Christmas time is the season for joyous celebration and goodwill, and this year’s Christmas stamp designs convey greetings based on the traditional religious story of the birth of Christ and also on modern designs featuring familiar trappings of the festive season.

This Christmas stamp issue introduced by Australia Post has already attracted attention of philatelists from around the world and FindYourStampsValue.com recommends our readers to add these colorful items to their collections.

The religious stamps include a colourful and joyful interpretation of the traditional Biblical story. The minisheet from this issue represents the scene shortly after the birth of Christ. The tiny baby lies in his manger, surrounded by Mary and Joseph and the adoring animals.

An owl gravely observes the scene from the rafters above. To the right, the three wise men, also called Magi or kings, have arrived from the east on their camels searching for the Saviour. They find the Christ Child by following a guiding star, and on arrival offer gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. A scarlet angel announces the arrival of the wise men with a triumphant trumpet fanfare.

Not all who observe the celebration of Christmas are Christians, and the other three stamps are designed to appeal to those who prefer a more secular celebration. For many, Christmas is foremost a time to gather with family and friends and reflect on the year past. It is also an opportunity to show forgiveness, peace and reconciliation, to demonstrate love for those dear to us, and to enjoy a holiday break. The two designs represent the symbolic dove of peace and, as a gesture of generosity and love, a wrapped gift.

 Australia Post: First day gummed stamp cover – Christmas 2015