A modern interpretation of an “ancient” craft appeared on stamp! A special SEPAC stamp released by Luxembourg Post

October 14th, 2017

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to introduce to our readers’ attention a special SEPAC stamp issued by Luxembourg Post. The theme of this year’s Sepac stamp is “handcrafts”.

POST Luxembourg illustrates this by showing on the stamp an artwork of the artist Ellen van der Woude, who was in 2016 distinguished a the first price in a national exhibition. In this issue a renowned artist offers her modern interpretation of an “ancient” craft.

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Ellen van der Woude is a Dutch artist who creates unique pieces, all hand made by modelling clay and porcelain. She draws her inspiration from nature. The evidence for it is that Ellen van der Woude often uses the shapes and textures of nature in her works. Her most recent work is based on maritime and botanical themes. She has been working in her style for five years and has become the world renowned sculptor.

“Working with ceramics requires lots of patience and delicacy”, remarked Ellen van der Woude. “And you mustn’t let yourself be discouraged by failed attempts. It happens to me that I’m almost finished with a sculpture and I realize that not every detail of it meets my expectations. That’s when I start again”.
One of her fascinating works of art that appeared on this bright stamp is maybe one of the most outstanding pieces of modern sculpture.