March 21st, 2017

A Post Office that allures not only stamp collectors. A real tourist attraction appeared in Philippines is lad to share the latest and the most excited news with our readers. This small article will tell you about the unique Baguio City Post Office, standing on one of the prime properties of the Philippine Postal Corporation, which has become a real tourist attraction.

Guild of Integrated Talents of Baguio, more commonly known as GINTO Baguio, unravelled the GINTO Steps: Cordilleran Inspired Mural in front of Baguio Post Office on March 3.

GINTO Baguio is an arts group formed by Baguio City National High School Special Program for the Arts Alumni scholars with the aim of never abandoning the arts.

Larla Mae Lapeña, a dentist, is one of the artists who painted the mural on the post office grounds. According to Lapeña, “it is our way of giving back to the community since [we were] scholars of Baguio and were used to be given allowance from the government. It's our little way of showing gratitude to the society who helped us during our formative years.”

It was also Lapeña who got the sponsorship from Boysen Paints. Boysen provided the paints used in the mural. GINTO Steps is open to the public. This is a welcome improvement in the façade of Baguio City Post Office, as it shows off rich Cordilleran heritage. The mural also depicts Apo Whang Od, the oldest mambabatok (tattoo artist) from Kalinga; sunflower, which blooms beautifully in Baguio due to its weather; strawberry; and Igorots playing various musical instruments – all of which show the beautiful culture up in the Cordilleras.

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