A record-breaking number of new stamp will appear in 2015 Finnish stamp program

November 12th, 2014

FindYourStampsValue.com got info that in 2015 year Finnish Post will release a record-breaking number of stamps.

The Finnish stamps to be published in early 2015 feature works of art, skating, schlager and old toys.

In January–May 2015, there will be 12 new Finnish stamp releases with 33 different stamps. The stamps have been designed by many graphic design professionals, and no fewer than 13 of them are newcomers to the field of stamps. The stamps depict works by Finnish contemporary artists, sports, schlager, toys and flowers, for instance.

January's themes include six works of art, synchronized skating and encounters in the woods.

The stamps published on January 19 celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Artists' Association of Finland. Among the works of art that participated in the design competition organized in the spring 2014, six were selected to be featured in the stamps. Through the stamps, the artists reach a record-breaking audience for their works, representing various fields of fine arts.

The works of art selected for the stamps, the artists and their places of residence are:

  • Viiva-muoto (Line-form), Anneli Hilli, graphic artist/painter, Espoo

  • Piste (Point), Mika Natri, artist, Turku

  • Taiteilijan vuoristorata (Artist's roller coaster), Marjo Suikkanen, sculptor, Viljakkala

  • Dance from the bride, Mayumi Niiranen-Hisatomi, artist, Kajaani

  • Lento (Flight), Laura Konttinen, artist, Helsinki

  • Hedelmistä puu tunnetaan (You will know them by their fruits), Kalevi Karlsson, architect/artist, Helsinki

The graphic design of The Artists' Association of Finland 150 years stamp booklet comes from Dog Design.

Altogether 131 entries were submitted to the stamp design competition and judged by a seven-person jury consisting of artists and Posti's representatives. The works submitted to the stamp competition can be viewed at the exhibition to be held at the Postal Museum January 19–March 1, 2015.

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