August 7th, 2017

A sweet feeling of nostalgia evoked by classic toys. 10 touching stamps unveiled by Royal Mail

Nothing quite evokes our childhood memories like the toys that entertained us when we were young. From teddy bears and dolls to building bricks and train sets, they kept us occupied for hours at a time. And it was the British toy industry that was leading the way. hurries to introduce these bright “Classic Toys” stamps by Royal Mail that celebrates some of the most iconic and much-loved British toys from the last 100 years, evoking strong feelings of nostalgia across generations. Let`s examine each item in details.

The Merrythought Bear stamp

Merrythought is a toy manufacturing company established in 1930 by Gordon Holmes and George H. Laxton and its first catalogue - launched in 1931 - included the first Merrythought teddy bear ‘Magnet’ (‘M’ series).

Sindy Doll stamp

Sindy was the best-selling toy in the UK in both 1968 and 1970. With her wholesome looks proving a big hit. She was modelled on an adolescent girl and new outfits were issued every six months.

Spirograph stamp

Spirograph uses complicated mathematical formulae to create hypotrochoids and epitrochoids. All you need to do is stick a pen through a hole in one of the Spirograph tools on a piece of paper, twirl it around and watch a pattern emerge!

Stickle Bricks stamp

Stickle Bricks are primarily intended for toddlers and were invented in 1969. An individual stickle brick is a colourful plastic shape which is a few centimetres long and which has a "brush" of small plastic "fingers" on one or more edges.

Britain Toy Figures stamp

The William Britain Company originally produced lead soldiers but subsequently switched to plastic. US Cavalry, Greek warriors and Cowboys and Indians were among the most popular characters.

Space Hopper stamp

The origins of this concept were Italian and intended as an exercise device rather than as a toy. The version we know and love was a British creation, from Mettoy.

Fuzzy-Felt stamp

Fuzzy-Felt was created in 1950 by Lois Allan and comprises a flocked backing board onto which a number of felt shapes - silhouettes or more detailed printed versions – can be placed to create different pictures.

Meccano stamp

Invented by Frank Hornby, this was originally marketed as ‘Mechanics Made Easy’ (1901), but the name was switched to the more familiar Meccano in 1907. Meccano remains amongst the most collectable of British toy manufacturers.

Action Man stamp

American toy firm Hasbro invented the concept of a doll that boys could play with. The first dolls for the UK market appeared in 1966. UK-specific outfits were produced. Among the most popular are footballer kits and the Red Devil parachutist.

Hornby Dublo stamp

It might appear as if nobody else was making toys early in the 20th century, but Frank Hornby was at it again with these scale model train sets, first introduced in 1920.

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