Abdelkrim Dali as a Master of classical Algerian Music

November 22nd, 2014

According to info received by FindYourStampsValue.com Algerian Post released a special commemorative stamp on theme "Algerian musical tradition". This particular stamp was issued to honor master of Hawzi classical music - Abdelkrim Dali.

Music in Algeria offers a rich diversity of genre: popular music (Shaabi), Arabo-Andalusian music (Malouf San'aa, Gharnati, etc.), classical Arabic, Bedouin, Berber music (Kabyle, Shawi, Tuareg, etc.), Rai etc.

Sha-bii is, in North African countries, folk music; in Algeria, however, it refers to a style of recent urban popular music, of which the best known performer was El Hajj Muhammad El Anka, considered to be the Grand Master of Andalusian classical music. True styles of folk music include hofii, a form of female vocal music, and zindalii, from Constantine. And Abdelkrim Dali who considred to be Master of Hawzi classical music.