Advent season is coming! Three festive stamps released by Iceland Post

November 24th, 2015

Advent season is coming and Iceland Post decided to underline the importance of this festive time with a special stamp issue. The Christmas season not only includes the days associated with the holidays but all the days spent in preparation, joy and togetherness from the beginning of the Advent until the Epiphany on January 6th. encourages our readers to add these joyful and heartwarming stamps to their stamp collections.

The Christmas Stamps illustrate the warm and delightful midwinter and Christmas moods created by the Advent season. A mixture of drawings and photography generate an impression of joyful hope and anticipation leading up to the Christmas season in spite of the darkness of winter.

This is precisely the time when so many send and receive Christmas and New Year's greetings from friends and relatives. The stamps depict an evening stroll on a calm quiet icy surface, snug togetherness of friends and family over a hot drink and gingerbread and a humorous picture of the famed Christmas cat relaxing cozily in bed listening to Christmas music on the computer.