Advent wreath – a brightest symbol of Christmas

November 21st, 2014

According to info got by Croatian Post is to issue a special Christmas stamp depicting symbolical Advent wreath. The stamp has been already designed and is scheduled to be released on the 27th of November.

Johann Hinrich Wichern got an idea to illuminate one prayer per day under light of one candle in December, awaiting Christmas: twenty small candles for normal days and four big candles for Sundays. His first wreath was a wooden, horse carriage wheel.

This was in 1838. His first wreath was a wooden, horse carriage wheel. Some years later his boarding pupils started to substitute this wooden wreath with the ever-green one. Having left their home, earning their own bread, they spread the custom which slowly proved contagious. From the protestant environment the wreath soon spread out and assumed general Christian meaning.

In 1925 it was set in the Catholic Church in Köln and about 1935 it became a habit everywhere to bless it in churches; in our consumer age it also conquered public city areas and became an element of global urban folklore. Some of its original features have changed or were forgotten with time. Should there be three violet candles and one pink (penance and joy), maybe also the fifth one, white, Christmas candle in the middle or should they be red as blood of Christ's sacrifice, are their names "prophet's", "Bethlehem's", pastoral or "angel's" or some other - all of them explaining symbolically conceived details - would be difficult and maybe also useless to judge.

However, what remains is the remembrance of the meaning of waiting, of expectance and of a deserving preparation for everything we consider valuable and important, of a calendar of soul in which there are four seasons of the year, four steps to the breakthrough from time... into Christmas.