Alaska Statehood Stamp Features Iditarod Musher

January 7th, 2009

The United States Postal Service unveiled its new Alaska stamp Saturday as part of the golden anniversary of statehood, and it features a dog musher.

"It happens to be DeeDee (Jonrowe)," said Jeff Schultz, the photographer who took the picture. "Oh sorry, I wasn't supposed to mention that."

That's because the USPS has rules for stamps, and one is that any person other than a president honored with a stamp has to be dead for at least 10 years.

So the Postal Service is being a bit cheeky about describing the stamp.

"Great stamp -- Rainy Pass with an unknown musher!" said Dianne Horbochuk, the USPS district manager for Alaska.

Schultz said, "They don't recognize someone who's living on a postage stamp, so it's not about the person."

Jonrowe wasn't supposed to be a part of the event officially, but was at the ceremony as the well-known "Unknown Musher."

"It's so good for the sport to get recognition, you know?" Jonrowe said, taking it all in with a good sense of humor. "There happens to be this regulation that you can't be alive, and I said,

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