American Collectors Celebrates Collectors' Passion with Launch of "Collector Perspectives"

July 24th, 2013

Cherry Hill, N.J. (July 23, 2013) –– "Collector Perspectives," an exciting new blog that offers practical and entertaining content for collectors of all types, has just launched on The project is inspired by nearly 40 years' worth of stories collectors have shared with blog creator American Collectors Insurance about how they came to connect with their hobby. The format brings together a group of expert collectors from various backgrounds to share unique insights, opinions, and resources with the collector community. Readers are also invited to submit their own collecting questions, which will be answered by the Collector Perspectives expert panel on the blog.

"At American Collectors, we understand that each collection has a story – that it’s not all about monetary value and investment returns," said Jill Bookman, CEO of American Collectors Insurance.  "Collectors tell us stories about how they came to own an item, how they share their hobby, and the time they spend protecting what they deem worth preserving. To us, this is what’s really at the heart of collecting, and we want the blog to highlight these types of stories while offering a variety of insightful perspectives to our readers. The Collector Perspectives blogger panel is a great representation of that goal and I think they will continue to provide useful, multi-faceted views and advice that will be unique to this blog."

Each month the Collector Perspectives team of experts will answer questions ranging from practical to philosophical. The team will offer thoughts on the best price guides, talk about the oddest collectible they've ever come across, share advice on what to look for at an auction, and maybe even provide a behind-the-scenes look at some big events, among other topics. They'll also be answering reader-submitted questions – so this is a collector’s chance to get expert advice from fellow collectors and trusted professionals. The team includes collectibles shop owners, educators, auctioneers, appraisers, and enthusiasts.  The first round of posts will feature content from:

  • Harry Rinker: Harry is a highly knowledgeable antiques and collectibles writer, radio show host, appraiser, and consultant. He pens a weekly syndicated column, "Rinker on Collectibles," and hosts "Whatcha Got?," a nationally syndicated antiques and collectibles radio call-in show.

  • Brian Adams: Brian has been a collector all his life, and runs the website Cool & Collected, a leading destination for pop culture collectors.

  • Paul Fraser: A collector for over 35 years, Paul Fraser of Paul Fraser Collectibles is a specialist in sourcing the world’s rarest collectibles.

  • Deanna Dahlsad: Deanna is a generalist collector and has been involved in the collecting hobby for as long as she can remember.  Deanna blogs at Inherited Values.

  • Buddy Scalera: Buddy is a well-known comic book writer, editor, and photographer who has written for many mainstream comics including Marvel’s Deadpool, Agent X and X-Men Unlimited. His latest release is an educational book titled Creating Comics from Start to Finish.

  • Jane Warner: Jane is an ISA (International Society of Appraisers) member who has been collecting Swarovski Crystal pieces for over 20 years.  Jane is also the co-author of two Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Crystal.

  • Team: The team believes that every collector has a story. Their website provides marketing and e-commerce services for live auctions, supplying over 20,000 auctioneers worldwide with solutions including auction listings, online bidding, websites and auction management.

  • April Peavey: April writes and maintains the blog and online store My Vintage Generation. She’s an avid collector of records, music memorabilia and any interesting item that captures her eye.

  • American Collectors Insurance Team: As a national provider of collectibles insurance for over 35 years, the American Collectors team of experts understands that collectibles will always occupy a very special place in each collector’s heart and home.  The team comprises members who have a passion for collecting a variety of items, from comic books to coins and everything in between.

Blog visitors are encouraged to leave comments with their own responses to the question of the month as well as submit any collectibles questions or ideas for future content.  The Collector Perspectives team will do their best to post answers on a different topic every few weeks, and other stories of interest will be posted regularly.

Where to Get More Information & Submit Interview Requests

Contacts who wish to schedule an interview with a Collector Perspectives’ contributor or an American Collectors representative, would like to receive high-res images of the contributors, or request more information and content about the blog can be referred to Crystal at, 908-238-1500 ext. 15.

About American Collectors Insurance

American Collectors Insurance is the nation's leading provider of collector-vehicle and collectibles insurance. American Collectors offers products through independent insurance agents, in partnership with several major insurance organizations, and direct to consumers. A wide range of collector vehicles qualify for American Collectors' program, from "brass and wood" antiques to street rods, exotics, modern classics, and more. American Collectors also offers all-risk coverage for a wide range of collections from stamps, coins and comic books to vintage wine, sports memorabilia and beyond.