May 5th, 2016

An inauguration of a new president celebrated by Taiwan Post. 4 pixel-style commemorative stamps unveiled


In the Republic of China's 14th presidential and vice presidential elections, Tsai Ing-wen was elected president and Chen Chien-jen was elected vice president. is glad to inform our readers that Chunghwa Post has prepared for releasing a set of four commemorative stamps and a souvenir sheet.

A set of commemorative stamps for the inauguration of the new Taiwanese president and her deputy have attracted praise in the island-nation. The stamps feature line drawing and pixelated versions of incoming president Tsai Ing-wen and vice-president-elect Chen Chien-jen. Three million sets will go on sale.

As opposed to typical photographic portraits, the four stamps in the set (two denominated at NT$5 and two at NT$12) instead show images of the president and vice president with pixelated faces or rendered with simple line drawings. The aim is to reflect contemporary art and culture with a fresh new look.

The pixelated faces express the idea that heads of state are not only individuals, but also embodiments of the collective spirit and style of the nation. Simple and unpretentious line drawings were also used for two of the stamps. Breaking new ground in the design of stamps commemorating inauguration, the images fully demonstrate the ideas of beauty, emotional connection, diversity, abstraction and freedom.

The design of the souvenir sheet, which has a denomination of NT$32, is based on a conception of solidarity with the people. It places the president and vice president amid a collection of icons representing people of all backgrounds and walks of life. The icons of the president and vice president are found in the upper right-hand corner of the group.

The remaining icons show a variety of occupations, genders, social roles, and ethnic groups, drawing attention to issues of equality. Apart from displaying the diversity of contemporary culture and art, the designs also convey the idea that the president and the vice president are of the people and that they embody the will of the people as democratically elected leaders.

An inauguration of a new president celebrated by Taiwan Post. 4 pixel-style commemorative stamps unveiled

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