An original "Two Faces" stamp introduced to collectors` attention

March 24th, 2018 is delighted to present to our readers` attention a special stamp by Austria Post that raises a Generational Question. The stamp features “Two Faces" design that became the winner of the 2017 Stamp Competition organized by the daily "Die Presse" in collaboration with Austrian Post. So the stamp shows two white faces looking in opposite directions on a red background. 

The generational issue is something that concerns us all and affects society. The designers who took part in this competition tried to create a bright and original stamp design addressing this important theme. So, the image that appeared on the winning stamp depicts two faces: the old and the young one. Depending on which way you hold the stamp, one or other of the faces is upside down, so the stamp can be used either way up. In such a way this interesting image gives the observers a great opportunity to switch on their imagination.

The stamp was designed by Daniel Matt and Johannes Lampert from Dornbirn, who commented on this issue: “Over time it is not only the face of a person that changes, but also that of a whole society. On the one hand, our stamp symbolises the path through life of an individual person, but on the other hand it is also about the whole population of Austria, where old and young co-exist.” 


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