Andrassy Mausoleum – Cultural Heritage of Slovakia

January 5th, 2015 got to know that Slovakia Post is ready to release a special stamp depicting Andrassy Mausoleum built by Dionysius Andrassy. The item has been already designed and is to be issued on the 2d of January.

Art-Nouveau Andrassy Mausoleum (Mauzóleum Andrássyovcov) in Krásnohorské Podhradie is also called the Slovak Taj Mahal, because it was also built as a memorial of a big love.

This unique monument was built in the art-nouveau style in 1904 by Count Dionysius Andrassy (1835-1913), the descendant of one of the oldest and most powerful Hungarian aristocratic families. The House of Andrássy, controlling Krásna Hôrka for for almost 400 years, was renowned for fighting the Turks, and as prominent feudal lords, enjoyed widespread respect in Kingdom of Hungary.

Dionysius Andrassy broke the old nobility traditions when he married a common woman of Czech origin from Vienna ‒ Františka Hablavcová (1838-1902) for which he was disinherited. Their harmonious marriage lasted for 36 years and after the death of his beloved wife, the earl decided to build a magnificent mausoleum for her memory. The sculptural decorations can not only be seen on the building itself but also in the surrounding park. Dionysius Andrassy was also buried in this mausoleum.

Slovakia Post: Andrassy Mausoleum First Day Cover


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