Andreas Weide as the largest sailing ship built in Latvia. One special stamp released by Latvian Post

November 13th, 2016

Latvijas Pasts has launched a new series of stamps Historical Ships of the 19th Century, and the first stamp released in the series is dedicated to Andreas Weide, the largest sailing ship ever built in Latvia. The stamp and the cover have been designed by the artist Elita Viliama. invites our readers to appreciate this special philatelic item and to get acquainted with its historical background!

The new stamp features the largest transatlantic sailing ship of Latvia Andreas Weide, which was built in Ainaži in 1891. The length of the sailing ship was 47.6 metres, its width was nine meters, the depth of the hold was 4.9 metres and the deadweight was 1,050 tons. Andreas Weide made transatlantic voyages until it sprang a leak in the vicinity of Cape Verde Islands off the North West coast of Africa in 1901. In 1902 the sailing ship with all the cargo was sold in Dakar.

Latvijas Pasts has launched the series of stamps Historical Ships of the 19th Century in honour of the period of the rapid development of Latvian seafaring and shipbuilding in the 19th century.