Animals of the forest appeared on Swiss stamps. Four special items introduced

February 26th, 2018 is excited to introduce to your attention a set of four special stamps by Swiss Post that features well-known and popular forest animals.

These are the great spotted woodpecker, red squirrel, roe deer and European badger that will easily win the hearts of the local population. We encourage you to take a look at other animal stamps that captivate with their bright and colourful designs.

Swiss Post annually issues stamps that feature some rare and even endangered annually. This year the Postal Service has decided to focus its attention on forest animals found across. The first item depicts the great spotted woodpecker that is the most widespread and numerous woodpeckers in Switzerland. This cute bird is characterized by a crimson abdomen and undertail, as well as by black and white plumage.

The second stamp depicts the red squirrel whose cute appearance captivates each animal lover. Red squirrels can jump distances of up to five metres, with their bushy tails acting as rudders. The roe deer that appeared in the second stamp is the most common hoofed animal found in the wild in Switzerland. Roe deer occur everywhere in Switzerland. The interesting feature of this animal is that it can smell a person from up to 400 metres away.

The European badger appeared on the last stamp. It is a member of the mustelid family and can grow up to a metre in length, including its tail. Amazingly badgers can run up to 30km an hour for short periods of time and have been known to successfully fight off bigger mammals