Anne of Brittany 1477-1514 stamp from France

January 13th, 2014

La Poste issued a stamp to commemorate the 500th anniversary of death of Anne of Brittany. Born in Nantes in 1477, Anne of Brittany was the eldest daughter of Francis II, Duke of Brittany.

In August 1488 by the Treaty of SabléFrancis II made a promise not to marry his daughter without the consent of the King of France. On the death of his father, Anne became Duchess of Brittany at the age of 11 years. At 13, despite the treaty signed by his father, Anne of Brittany was married by proxy to Maximilian of Austria.

King Charles VIII of France decided to invade Britain and besieged Rennes where France declares war to Britain. The French army laid siege to Rennes, where Anne had taken refuge.

In 1491, Anne of Brittany married Charles VIII. In accordance with the contract of marriage between Charles VIII and Anne of Brittany, she must marry the new king of France Louis XII.

Anne died of a kidney-stone attack at the Chateau de Blois, in January 9, 1514, when she was not even 37 years old! She was buried in St. Denis, while her heart was, meanwhile, placed in a reliquary and repatriated to Nantes.