Archeological treasure – Early Christian cemetery and monastery of St. John in Livno stamp

May 19th, 2013

Early Christian cemetery and monastery of St. John is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is located in the centre of Livno, on the right bank of the river Bistrica. The National Monument consists of a historic site with the remains of a late antique church and vaulted tomb, part of a mediaeval Franciscan monastery dedicated to St John, mediaeval and more recent graves, and the archaeological material housed in the Franciscan museum – gallery Gorica in Livno.

At the end of 9th century until 1326th, parish of Livno was under the rule of the Croatian rulers of which last were Subici. Parish of Livno entered in the composition of Bosnian Banate in the period of reign of the ruler Stjepan II. Kotromanović 1326 and under the rule of the Bosnian ruler it remained until 1463.

Since the establishment of the Bosnian vicariate 1340 to the 1375, ten Franciscan monasteries were built on the are of the Bosnian Banate, among which the monastery in Livno was mentioned and is assumed  it was built at the beginning of 14th century with the help of powerful donors Subic. According to the legend, which was confirmed by archeological researches, the monastery was burned in the second half of the 15th century during the Ottoman conquest of Livno.

Croatian post Ltd. Mostar has issued regular postage stamp in sheet of 20 stamps, postmark and the first day cover (FDC).