Archipelago of Atlantic Oceans – special stamp issue by Brazilian Post

December 5th, 2014

According to info received by Brazil Post has prepared for releasing a set of stamps depicting two great archipelagos - Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The issue is scheduled to be put into circulation on the 12th of December.

St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks are a set of small rocky islands far out in the Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and the coast of West Africa. In particular, there are five islets, five very large rocks and a series of smaller skerries that comprise this formation. The rock type of this formation, also known as St. Peter and St. Paul Archipelago, is ultramafic and not volcanic. The archipelago is claimed as a national territory of the nation of Brazil, who maintains a permanent manned station here.

This is one of the few places on Earth where an underwater oceanic ridge breaks through the surface of the sea. This formation can be viewed as the second tallest deep sea mountain, also known as a deep-ocean-complex or megamullion. These isolated rocks function as a type of oasis in the deep ocean, providing a prime niche for marine life to prosper nearer the ocean's surface.

While the islands are virtually devoid of terrestrial vegetation, the rich marine flora and fauna provides a food source to seabirds that reside and breed here. Isolation from the mainland provides a habitat of significant ecological and biogeographical interest.

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