Arthur Gray KGV’s collection will be sold at Mossgreen Auctions

April 7th, 2015 is glad to announce that Mossgreen Auctions is to sell The Arthur Gray Collection of Australia King George V.

The Arthur Gray Collection of Australia “King George V” is the finest, most extensive and most valuable ever formed of the issue.

Inverted “OS” ACSC $A60,000

The outstanding multi "Grand Prix" Award Medal winner collection is to be offered at public auction by Mossgreen Melbourne, in October 2015. It comprises not only the super popular KGV Sideface design shown nearby, rich in proofs and essays and major flaws + imprints etc, but all the KGV era Commemorative stamps, covering up to near WW2.

"Mossgreen" is a name some readers may not be familiar with. Broadly the long established stamp auction houses of Charles Leski and Prestige Philately are now effectively merged under that name umbrella. The company runs art and other collectible auctions.

$A5 MILLION expected

The Gray “KGV” collection is expected to be invoiced at around $A5 million. An international promotional tour with stops in Singapore, London, New York and Sydney is planned, before the auction at Mossgreen HQ in Melbourne.

Arthur Gray, who lives on Sydney’s North Shore, is a former executive with BHP, a merchant banker with Kleinwort Benson, and Managing Director of Russell’s Health Foods. He was also an original owner of Millennium Philatelic Auctions.

Gary Watson, Mossgreen’s new Head of Philately, said “We are delighted to have the opportunity to prepare this magnificent collection for sale to our global clientele of discerning buyers.”

Responding, Arthur Gray commented, “I have collected stamps for more than 70 years so it is a wrench to part with my ‘Heads’. However, I have known Gary Watson and Charles Leski for many decades, and am confident that they will do the collection justice." Junk lot find gets $A60,000+

Most of the major KGV catalogue varieties are here, even recent discoveries like the 1918 ½d Green with sideways watermark. Gray has both known copies - each with the watermark in different directions.

The one shown nearby was purchased at Phoenix Auctions in June 2012, for more than $A60,000. The often sloppily edited new ACSC catalogue still has them absurdly catalogued at $40,000 each - unchanged from old 8 year old edition.

SG is far more on the ball, at £30,000 = $A60,000 each. The vendor at Phoenix found it in a box of junk, so was very pleased with the $60,000+ result!  Value $1 or so with NORMAL watermark.

“KGV will sell best here”

In his interview Gray told : "I think the KGV will do best offered here in Australia, and the local collectors will be able to view it in Melbourne and Sydney, which sadly was not able to be done with my "Kangaroos" material. Plus it will be taken on a Global road trip for viewing as well, including London and New York." Gray originals are cat $125,000

One item sure to get a huge price is the perforated pair of the 1914 “Unissued” Engraved pair.  Only one pair is in collector hands, and those are both in the Gray Collections. (As well as the unique Die Proof of the 6d!)

Collectors know the designs, from the popular “Ausipex 84” Replica Card sunken Die Proof print shown nearby. ACSC for the Gray pair is $A125,000, and it is suspected they will be the star of the show, money wise.

Arthur was asked where he got them, and he did not recall, other than to say he’d “owned them for decades”. Surely, he will get VERY many times what he paid. Truly rare pieces go up strongly long term, no doubt about it.

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