Artworks of children with cancer on Christmas stamps. 4 beautiful stamps released by PHLPost

December 27th, 2017 is excited to let our readers know that PHLPost has released four beautiful Pasko 2017 stamps featuring the artworks by children with cancer and other chronic illnesses.

As PHLPost claimed, these bright stamps were prepared in partnership with Kythe Foundation Inc., which has been supporting these children for more than 20 years.

This is not the first time when PHLPost support children with some disabilities with its stamps. In 2015, for example, Pasko stamps featured the beautiful pictures made by children with autism. With such cute philatelic releases PHLPost emphasizes the artistic ability of persons with developmental disabilities and support their wish to create something beautiful.

“We would like to highlight on this issuance on what Christmas is all about in the eyes of the children especially those who have been suffering with the big C and other chronic illness,” Postmaster General Joel L. Otarra said in an interview.

“We would like to give importance to the creativity of the children that despite their condition they continue to create beautiful and wonderful pieces of artwork,” PMG Otarra added.
The block-of-four stamps feature:

  • “Children Celebrating Christmas” stamp by Roselyn Mahipas, 10

  • “Carollers” stamp by Juan Dimata, 9

  • “Gift-giving” stamp by Estella Benavidez, 15

  • “A Bag of Gifts” stamp by John Aton, 12

Meanwhile, the souvenir sheet shows “Carollers” as interpreted by Rhey Ocampo, 16.