Ascension Island Land Crabs appeared on stamps. Six colourful items introduced

January 18th, 2018 hurries to let our readers know that Ascension Island Post has introduced into postal circle six special stamps featuring land crabs that are protected by law. The land crab species that found its habitat on Ascension is called Johngarthia lagostoma.

It only lives on four small islands, of which Ascension is by far the largest. We also invite you to take a look at other colourful stamp issues depicting beautiful crabs!

Land crabs are Ascension Island’s only large, native land animal, and are one of the island’s most iconic inhabitants. They come in a variety of colours, or ‘morphs’, ranging from yellow-orange to deep purple, but they are all the same species. Land crabs spend most of the day in burrows, preferring to come out at night when it is cooler.

In fact, they can stay underground for weeks at a time waiting for rain. So, keep a special watch out for them in the evening and after wet weather!

Today, land crabs on Ascension Island are protected by law, any harvesting, injury or intentional killing being entirely illegal. However, a number of crabs are still unintentionally killed each year, particularly around breeding periods, as crabs cross roads and are accidentally hit by vehicles. The Ascension Island Government Conservation Department is working to ensure the survival of this unique island resident as these marvels of nature and adaptation remain part of Ascension Island, as they have for thousands of years.