Audrey Hepburn stamp is being offered by Ulrich Felzmann. The lot is to fetch more than $58,820

June 19th, 2018 is excited to share the latest auction news with our readers. This piece of info concerns the 110-pfennig+50pf Audrey Hepburn semipostal stamp that is being offered by Ulrich Felzmann auction house with a starting bid of $58,820. The Felzmann auction is offering what it calls the sensational first find of the unissued stamp, used on piece and postmarked 14.10.03 (Oct. 14, 2003). The stamp was not officially released, but which has captured the interest of many collectors of German stamps.

Audrey Hepburn stamp is quite rare modern German stamp. It has already been described in the MICHEL Stamp Catalogue as “Germany’s very own Blue Mauritius”. Featuring the portrait of Hollywood beauty Audrey Hepburn, the stamp was made famous when it was vetoed by her heirs. More than 14 million copies of these interesting stamps were issued but only two sheets of 30 copies survived. The other items were destroyed in connection with the fact that the son of the actress took the rights to publish it. He decided to do so because his mother appeared on the stamp with a cigarette in her mouth.  And also apart from this several copies of the stamp appeared on the envelopes - there are known at least four such cases. 

Though the printed stamps were withdrawn from the set before it was issued, a very small number reached the public. In 2010 the Hepburn estate agreed to auction a single mint pane of 10 to benefit charity.