Augarten Porcelain, "Viennese Rose", the world's first stamp made of porcelain

March 20th, 2014

Sophisticated design and timeless beauty: that's what world-famous Augarten Porcelain is all about, with a tradition going back almost 300 years. Augarten Porcelain is now available in the form of the first stamp ever made of porcelain. This innovative stamp in the Austrian "Classic Brands" series features the "Viennese Rose".

A Brief History of Timelessness

In 1718, Claudius Innocentius du Paquier completed a risky mission to bring the closely guarded secret of how to make porcelain to Vienna. In recognition of his achievements, Emperor Karl VI granted him the special privilege of being Vienna's sole porcelain producer. This is how Europe's second porcelain manufactory (the first one was in Meissen) came to be founded in Vienna in the street which is today known as "Porzellangasse".