Australia Post gets nostalgic with new sweet stamps. Four special items introduced

March 10th, 2018 is excited to introduce to our readers’ attention a special set of vintage stamps by Australia Post issued to pay homage to one of the first locally manufactured foods.

The stamps feature four popular vintage Aussie jam labels from the late-19th century until the mid-20th century and they’re sure to bring memories flooding back for many Boomers across the country. Each jam label is shown wrapped around a tin and sitting on top of a wooden shelf, for maximum vintage appeal.

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The four colourful jam labels shown in this stamp issue represent some of the key stages, locations and players in the history of Australian jam manufacturing,” Australia Post Philatelic Manager, Michael Zsolt commented. “The vibrant designs have a nostalgic feel that will appeal to many, especially as vintage jam labels are a highly collectable form of ephemera.”

So, the first stamp features Peacock’s Jam. Peacock is thought to be the first factory-scale site for commercial jam manufacturing in Australia. It was founded by George Peacock in 1861 in Hobart. The second item displays the label Kingurli, produced by gardener-turned-entrepreneur George McEwin. He founded Kingurli in 1862 in order to make use of excess fruit. The third stamp features Melray label. This grocery chain was founded in 1932 in Melbourne.

It had branches across the country. Their jam labels included special reward tokens for redemption in-store. The fourth item depicts the label of Alva brand that was one of the smaller jam manufacturers operating in the early 20th century. Created by W H Johnson’s Jams Pty Ltd of Melbourne, it was one of the best-advertised brands in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.