Austrians in Hollywod: Otto Preminger. A special commemorative stamp introduced by Austria Post

November 29th, 2017 hurries to let our readers know that Austria Post has released a special commemorative stamp to honour one of the most famous Austrian filmmakers – Otto Preminger.

He was an Austro-American film director, film producer and theatre director from an assimilated Jewish family. The bright stamp recently issued by Austria Post depicts Otto’s stylized black-and-white portrait. 

During his creative career, which lasted five decades, Preminger has directed almost 40 films. He directed his first film in 1931, and came to the US in 1936 to direct on the Broadway stage. The first major success of Preminger was the film noir “Laura” (1944), followed by a series of stylish noir thrillers, such as “The Fallen Angel” (1945) and “Where the Pavement Ended” (1950).

Otto Preminger, to whom a star is dedicated on the legendary Hollywood “Walk of Fame”, always presented an inner panorama of his protagonists and plumbed the depths of their psychological world. Preminger always maintained the balance between emotions and realism creating the masterpieces that remain famous nowadays. As “the director of quiet sounds” (a quotation from “Film-Zeit”), Otto Preminger wrote an important part of cinema history.

Preminger was twice nominated for Oscar as the best director for the films “Laura” and “Cardinal”, and once – as the producer for the best film “Anatomy of Murder”.  Having Austrian roots Otto Preminger has entered Hollywood and made a significant input to the world of cinematography.