Autumn motives feature a new stamp issue of Åland Post

July 20th, 2014

Illustrator Maja Lindberg makes her debut as artist for Åland Post this autumn. Her perception of the autumn season appears clearly from the three postal stationery cards.

"Autumn is quite a melancholic season. I regret the falling leaves that inevitably follow the incredibly beautiful colours," Maja says.

Finding inspiration from fairy tales, dreams and childhood memories she creates motifs that often hold a certain amount of mysticism. She has always been fascinated by the world of fairy tales. Not the one that is beautiful and glittery but rather the one that is more mythical, sometimes even ferocious. Maja's mother used to read her tales and she carries on the tradition with her own children.

"I believe that children also need a little darkness in their lives. It's healthy and they enjoy the thrill."
Maja lives in Lomma in southern Sweden, and has worked as potter and web designer. She is autodidact as an illustrator and the work takes its time.

"I erase and change details many times. I know how I want it but sometimes it turns out quite different from what I imagined, which can be enjoyable."

She creates her illustrations in pencil-drawing before she scans them into the computer for colouring. Her creative work demands isolation.

"I prefer to sit in the basement without anyone around. I sometimes draw together with my children but it seldom comes to anything."

The postal stationery illustrates three scenes - a hillside of chanterelles, a pile of rustling leaves in which to play and a girl watching colours fall from the sky. Maja enjoys spring and summer most and is somewhat ambivalent to the darkening season.

"Autumn is lovely at the beginning but, later, it becomes slightly depressing. These are the images that popped up in my head when I received the commission. They illustrate my sensation of autumn."

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