Baltic region’s nature as its most valuable assets

December 31st, 2014 is glad to present a special stamp dedicated to the gorgeous nature of Baltic Sea region. The issue consists of one stamp that will be put into circulation on the 2d of January.

Nature is one of the Baltic region's most valuable assets and has cast its spell on people for centuries. Protecting and conserving it is of particular importance. National parks, nature parks and biosphere reserves help to conserve rare plants and animal species.

The Baltic Sea coastal landscape, characterized by wind and waves, steep cliffs and fine sandy beaches, islands and bays, trees shaped by the wind and thousand-year-old oaks is worth a visit all year round. Rügen's chalk cliffs with their gleaming cliff line, the Curonian Spit with its giant shifting dunes or the Wolin National Park, the first coastal nature park in Poland give a glimpse of the geological development of the Baltic Sea Region.

The South Baltic Sea destination is rich in water resources and it doesn't matter whether it is the Baltic Sea itself or the numerous rivers or lakes.

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