March 11th, 2017

Beautiful flowers found in the Maltese countryside. Three Maltese Flora stamps introduced

Over 40 different species of orchids grow on the Maltese Islands. Many of these are protected by law and usually flower between December and June. is glad to let our readers know that Malta Post has introduced the fourth set from the Maltese Flora series that will be of a particular interest for the topical stamp collectors.

The set includes three stamps each bearing a face value of €0.26, €0.42 and €1.25 and respectively depict the Fan-Lipped Orchid (Maltese: OrikidaĦamra), the Yellow Bee-Orchid (Maltese: Żunżana) and the Small Flowered Tongue-Orchid (Maltese: Orikidatal-Ilsieniż-Żgħir) which are species found in the Maltese Islands. Photographer Guido Bonett captured the flowers featured on the stamps.

The Fan-Lipped Orchid grows in garrigue and rocky terrain and appears in January and lingers on until early February.  The Yellow Bee Orchid is a rare plant also usually growing in garrigue and rocky valleys and flowers in March/April. The Small-Flowered Tongue-Orchid (Maltese: Orikidatal-Ilsieniż-Żgħir) is a slender-looking plant that flowers during March and April. It too is found in garrigue, and rocky valleys.

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