Bicycle as a green element… Two “Think Green” stamps released by Netherlands Post

April 29th, 2016 hurries to inform all philately enthusiasts that PostNL joins the world initiative and issues special commemorative stamps with the 'Think green' theme.

The design for the stamps was chosen by PostEurop, the organisation in which 52 European postal companies collaborate. The 'Think green' stamp sheet comprises an international stamp with a paint roller that paints the world green and a national stamp that portrays the Netherlands as bicycle country.

Paint roller colours the world green

The paint roller design is the winning submission from the 'Think green' design competition. From the 24 submissions, PostEurop selected the Cypriot design by Doxia Sergidou. This image shows how a hand with a paint roller paints the world green. Bleak houses and dark clouds make room for a green landscape with trees, birds, sustainable buildings and windmills.

Bicycle as green element

For the Dutch interpretation of the stamp sheet, PostNL gave designers Haico Beukers and Marga Scholma the assignment to design an iconic, green Dutch image. "We quickly agreed on the bicycle. What could be greener and more Dutch than a bicycle?", said Scholma. They chose a Dutch-made lightweight green bicycle with solar-charged bicycle lights. "In the design, the fresh colours of yellow cornfields and the blue sky overlap each other, Creating a green surface", explained Beukers.