Blowholes on new stamps from Tonga

July 25th, 2013

This souvenir sheet of 6 stamps issued by Tonga post contains images which were photographed at the coastline at Houma, Tonga, in 2012.

The Blowholes at Houma on Tonga's coast are truly spectacular. For 5 km along the coast, the reef platform has been raised, and as the waves arrive at this coast the rising wave pushes water up through numerous holes in the reef platform creating a stunning spectacle. And as the wave rises closer the fury of ejected water pushes jets up to 10 meters in the air, then almost immediately this is followed by the wave crest slamming the reef face and creating a vertical wall of water that makes a whiteout for a photographer. This wall of water can be more than 15 meters high.

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