Borsalino celebrates its 160th anniversary with a postage stamp. One commemorative stamp introduced by Italian Post

April 19th, 2017 is excited to let our readers know that Italian Post has introduced into postal use a special stamp that celebrates Borsalino’s 160th anniversary. Launched on 4th April 2017, the stamp, features the logo of the brand, as well as the image of its signature men’s hat.  Let`s appreciate the fashionable design of this philatelic item together!

The Borsalino stamp is part of the series “The Excellence of the Productive and Economic System,” which also includes one dedicated to Salvatore Ferragamo released in November 2015.

“It’s an honor for the company to receive such an important recognition,” said Borsalino head of communication Sasha Camperio. “Stamps marked the Italian history by celebrating prestigious personalities and outstanding companies of the Made in Italy. During the last 160 years, Borsalino impeccably represented the Italian craftsmanship in the world.”
Last year, Haeres Equita, an Italian company based in Valenza, near Alessandria, completed the acquisition of Borsalino, which was facing financial troubles.

While financial details were not disclosed at the time of the transaction, it was valued at about 20 million euros, or $22.3 million at average exchange rate, corresponding to Borsalino’s debts. As a result of the acquisition, Borsalino was able to maintain its production in Alessandria and its 120 employees.

Haeres Equita features investor Philippe C. Camperio among its main shareholders. Camperio is also the managing partner of Swiss private equity Haeres Capital, which owns and manages luxury ventures and real estate.

Among the latest initiatives promoted by the company, Borsalino teamed with Nick Fouquet to launch two capsule collections for spring 2017 and fall 2018. The second capsule, presented at Milan Fashion Week last February, took cues from the Seventies gangster film “Borsalino,” like burnt cards or matchsticks tucked in the hatband, and carefully staged signs of wear, like a bullet hole, stitching or roughed up spots.