Bosnia and Herzegovina Post welcomes Pope Francis with a special stamp

June 4th, 2015 hurries to inform that the Croatian post Ltd. Mostar issues a special commemorative stamp to mark the visit of Pope Francis to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Design authors of Croatian's post stamp are professors of fine art Miroslav Šetka and designer Dragan Ivanković who also designed the poster and logo for Pope's visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pope's smiling face and logo with the symbolism of the cross, the pigeon with an olive branch, the B&H flag colors and the colors of Croatian presence in B&H with the addition to the symbolism of triplet unite B&H and Pope's visit in one place. The issue is to be put on sale on the 6th of June.

Pope Francis, the Vicar of the Christ on earth, on 6th June is coming to Sarajevo, to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Holy Father speaks with language and spirit of the Gospel and his every word cause respect. This visit is not only an encouragement for the local church but to the whole Catholic community throughout the world will be united in prayer with the Pope and Catholics in B&H. Slogan of Pope's visit "Peace be with you", by simple words encourages Bosnia and Herzegovina in building peace, is the message of encouragement to all inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to all people of good will.

Pope Francis comes in B&H with an open heart full of love for all people, for all those who suffer because war wounds are still fresh and the massages he transmits around the world are always encouragement for spiritual and every other renewal. His visit will certainly contribute to the strengthening of peace, interreligious dialogue and friendship among all citizens of B&H because we are, as people and as believers, responsible for the future of all citizens and people of this country.